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This will provide you with an independent detailed understanding of the relevant issues on your site, associated risk and non-compliance, including updated fire design of your site if required.​​

Review and reporting on installations of passive systems, aiding in the knowledge that the systems installed are compliant and have been installed correctly.

We can work with your existing consultants and IQP’s to assist in the specialty knowledge required to ensure compliance and insurance requirements surrounding passive fire protection.

Checking tender documents and interviewing contractors to ensure you are getting the best value, competent tradesmen and compliant solutions.​

A detailed scope of certified systems needed to meet regulatory and internal performance in passive fire protection. Various manufacturers’ systems are provided to offer an economic and fully compliant solution, as this usually cannot be achieved by one single manufacturer. This specification considers system limitations along with the level of protection relevant to your company’s requirements and standards.​

Overseeing the chosen contractors are following the scope of required solutions.

Along with the contract management, overseeing the project holistically to hand over a fully documented, certified compliant solution.​​

Future proofing policies, maintenance regime, up skill training, regular inspection and random auditing.​​

We can train your staff and regular contractors in the relevant systems requires to rectify and maintain the correct level of passive fire protection for your company.

Supply of certified solutions from various reputable and trusted suppliers to the industry who have presented evidence of their tested and compliant systems. We use various manufacturers, as there is no single manufacturer that can provide a solution for all situations and applications.​​

This is a complete “turnkey” solution providing, from various manufacturers systems, a fully compliant, documented and signed off solution to suit the level of protection relevant to your company’s requirements and standards.​​

Full concept fire engineering design to acceptable fire design solutions for existing buildings.